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Tutor Training
Free Training  to teach volunteer tutors to Teach Adults to Read/Speak English.
Contact us to learn how to teach adults basic reading, math and to speak English.
Workforce Development Center
157 N. Main St., 2nd Floor | Suffolk, VA

Did you know?
      • 1 in 6 adults in Suffolk read below a 5th grade level severely impacting their employment success and self sufficiency.
      • ​Tutors giving 1 hour/week can make a huge impact!
      • Our training sessions are hands-on, practical and interactive.
      • Light refreshments​ will be provided

For More Information on the Services and Volunteer Opportunities we offer see What We Do
Discover what doors you can open in your life!

Download Rapid Reads e-books and audio books!

The Suffolk Public Library is offering Rapid Reads e-books and audio books on Hoopla, available to download as part of their Adult Basic Education Collection. These quick reads are perfect for those who wish to finish a book in one sitting, those learning English as a second language, or adults with lower literacy skills. Users will need to be logged into Hoopla Tutorial in order to access the collection. 

Items part of the Adult Basic Education Collection are available in print on Library2Go Schedule

Can You Imagine Not Being Able to Read?

If you couldn't read, you wouldn't be able to:
          • Navigate the web find this page
          • Order from a menu         
          • Find the directions on a medicine bottle
          • Follow Street Signs
          • Read a bedtime story to your child

Seem unbelievable? One in six adults in Suffolk lacks basic functional reading skills.  
The inability to read affects our entire community in many ways. Research shows a direct link between illiteracy and poverty, joblessness, and crime. Children who have not been read to and do not have books in their homes do not do as well in school as their peers. 
The Suffolk Literacy Council has a clear mandate to improve lives through literacy. 

We provide the following services:
  • One-on-one tutoring for adults needing help with basic reading, writing, and math
  • Individual and small group instruction in English as a second language.                                                


Thank You to Our Tutors

To all our tutors for all they have done and all they continue to do to assist in the fight against adult illiteracy in our community:

Thank You                                                                                                                   

For the countless hours devoted to helping someone in need

For lending your nonjudgmental, listening ear in the path

of performing a good deed


For sharing your knowledge in a gentle, and compassionate way

For giving of yourself, often times sacrificially, to enlighten and brighten

someone else’s day


For opening up the world to minds once closed with shame and fright

For adjusting the clouded view of eyes that can clearly see….

from the darkness to the light


For your Patience, Compassion, Understanding, Dedication, Empathy

and Generosity


For being a Tutor, For being a Volunteer…..We Thank You!

                                                                                                         © 2013 Azeez Felder 


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