What We Do

We Teach Adults To Read
Volunteer Tutors are paired with students at times and places convenient for them.
There are currently students and tutors meeting on every weekday!

The SLC provides one-on-one tutoring free of charge to adult non-readers and adults who need to improve their reading skills.  We primarily use two proven curricula to teach reading through sight words, phonics, comprehension in context and mechanical activities.  We supplement this with other materials to help students reach their reading goals. One of the reasons it’s so successful is that each student works one-on-one with a dedicated volunteer tutor at his or her own rate.  Because of this individual tutor-student approach, the Laubach Way to Reading (one of the curricula we use) slogan and the one to which we also ascribe is Each One Teach One. 

We Teach Adults to Speak English
ELL - English Language Learning
An increasing number of people are moving to Suffolk who do not speak English as their first language.  The SLC is meeting their needs through individual tutoring, small classes, citizenship preparation, focused conversational activities, and math and GED coursework. Students wishing to learn and/or improve their English will find it possible to get help here.  Tutors do not need to know the language of the student being tutored and will find teaching these learners an enriching experience. 

Two Classes are Currently Meeting weekly:
Monday 7:00 p.m - 8:00 p.m. at the Bon Secours in Harbour View
Thursday mornings during the school year at the Burbage Grant Clubhouse in Northern Suffolk 
All ELL Students can be Tutored One-on-One.

Call 757-514-7733 for more information.
We Teach Adults Basic Math through Fractions, Decimals and Word Problems
Many students who struggle with reading find basic math such as arithmetic and even counting a struggle. The SLC has addressed this by providing free Math tutors for students who want to improve their skills. Some students need to count money, some find their lack of skills effect their job performance and others need to pass the math portion of the GED. Many of our reading tutors find the incorporation of math skills in the tutoring sessions to be necessary.
We Tutor in the Western Tidewater Regional Jail
All that is required to join our team in the Jail is to fill out a background check and attend the required training.

"For juveniles involved in quality reading instruction programs while in prison,

            recidivism was reduced by 20% or more."

      (From America SCORES Literacy Facts and Figures: www.americascores.org)


The above statistic is easily translatable to the adult population especially when coupled with the estimated
8 - 12 hours per month a person with low reading levels is likely to be gainfully employed. The SLC partners with the Western Tidewater Regional Jail to provide extra support to those inmates interested in using their time to increase their skills. Tutors are assigned one student only and recieve the support of both the Director of Adult Education of the WTRJ and of the SLC. Call 514-7733 or Contact Us
We Train Tutors

The SLC provides training and materials for people who are interested in becoming a tutor.  Successful tutors do not need to have any teaching background.  We offer specific trainings for English as a Second or Other Language and for Basic Reading. At this time, we do not offer trainings in teaching math, though interested tutors are welcome.  Call the Literacy Office for information about upcoming Tutor Training Workshops at 514-7733 or Contact Us.

We Offer Multiple Tutoring Sites for the Tutor's and Student's Convenience

Tutoring takes place in a location convenient to both the tutor and the student. In addition to the Suffolk Literacy Council office (located in City of Suffolk Workforce Development Center), tutoring may take place at a library, community center, church, work site, or other public venue.

We Promote Family Literacy

Through the "Catch ‘Em Early" program, we partner with the City of Suffolk’s Early Childhood Development Commission, Morgan Memorial Library, and Obici Hospital to provide all new mothers at Sentara Obici Hospital with a bag for parents that includes an excellent video on the benefits of reading to children early and often, a book for the child, and helpful information for the parents. In 2011, 1,300 bags were given out at Sentara Obici. 

Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.  ~Richard Steele, Tatler, 1710